Political Contribution Reporting


Legislation, including public policies regarding water, food safety, energy, and healthcare can directly affect Ecolab's ability to provide products and services for its customers. Therefore, we believe it is important for the Corporation and its associates to participate in the political process, which includes advocating for legislative and public policy decisions grounded in principles of sound science and free market enterprise, to advance Ecolab's interest in promoting a cleaner, safer, healthier environment. In addition, our associates have the opportunity to support the Corporation's political action committee, the Ecolab Inc. Political Action Committee (ECOPAC). The Corporation may also make, upon occasion and if legally permissible, corporate contributions. These activities must always comply with applicable law, Ecolab's Code of Conduct and Political Contribution Policy.


ECOPAC, which is funded by voluntary contributions from Ecolab associates, is a non-partisan committee that supports candidates for federal and state elective public office who share our basic philosophies and values, by contributing to legislators from both the Democratic and Republican parties representing states where the company transacts business. Contributions are determined by a board of Ecolab executives based on criteria including representation of Ecolab facilities and/or significant base of employees, committee membership, committee leadership, positions on the issues, partisan balance, preservation of democratic system of government, character and integrity, and support for diversity and inclusion in Congress and through legislation. ECOPAC does not support candidates for local or Presidential office, or candidates based on non-business issues.

Corporate Contributions

Certain state and local jurisdictions permit corporations to make direct contributions to candidates, party committees and ballot measures. The Ecolab Political Contribution Policy provides for an approval process for such contributions by a committee of executives and annual review of the policy and political contributions by the Governance Committee of the Ecolab Board of Directors. The criteria used for such contributions are similar to those used by ECOPAC.


ECOPAC complies with all federal laws regarding reporting by political action committees and Ecolab complies with all federal and state laws relating to the reporting of political contributions. Reports of political contributions made by Ecolab Inc. and by ECOPAC will be posted semi-annually to this website.

The next contribution report to be published will be the period ending June 30, 2024.

Ecolab Inc. Political Contributions for 2024

Ecolab Inc. political contributions for the six months ended June 30, 2024.

Ecopac Political Contributions

2023 – 2024 Cycle through June 2024


Read our Political Contribution Policy here. During the calendar year ended December 31, 2023, Ecolab adhered to the policy and related provisions of Ecolab's Code of Conduct.

Ecolab Inc. Political Contributions