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Douglas M. Baker, Jr.

Douglas M. Baker, Jr., Director

Biography – Executive Chairman of the Board and former Chief Executive Officer of Ecolab. Director of Ecolab since 2004.

Mr. Baker joined Ecolab in 1989 and held various leadership positions within our Institutional, Europe and Kay operations. Mr. Baker was named Ecolab’s President and Chief Operating Officer in August 2002, was promoted to President and Chief Executive Officer in July 2004 and added the position of Chairman of the Board in May 2006. Mr. Baker relinquished the office of President in December 2011 upon completion of the Nalco merger and retired as chief executive officer at the end of 2020. Prior to joining Ecolab in 1989, Mr. Baker was employed by The Procter & Gamble Company in various marketing and management positions.

Qualifications – Mr. Baker has more than 30 years of Ecolab marketing, sales and management experience, including leadership roles in Ecolab’s Institutional, Europe and Kay businesses before becoming Ecolab’s Chief Operating Officer in 2002 and Chief Executive Officer in 2004. Ecolab grew significantly under Mr. Baker’s leadership as CEO. From 2004 through 2020, Ecolab’s sales increased 213%, earnings per share increased more than 318%, and market capitalization increased 775%. The share price of Ecolab stock increased 690% during this period while the number of Ecolab employees grew more than 111% to more than 44,000.

Mr. Baker has been recognized for his leadership and commitment to responsible business. He was named Responsible CEO of the Year by CR Magazine in 2014, was awarded the University of Notre Dame Hesburgh Award for Ethical and Socially Responsible Business Practices in 2016, and received the 2018 Deming Cup for Operational Excellence. In 2019, he ranked 38th on Harvard Business Review’s list of the world’s best performing CEOs.

In addition, his experience at The Procter & Gamble Company included various marketing and management positions, including in the Institutional market in which Ecolab operates. As a director of other public companies, Mr. Baker also has extensive corporate governance experience.

Other directorships held during the past five years – Lead Director of Target Corporation. Formerly a director of U.S. Bancorp.