Ecolab Inc.
Feb 25, 1998

Ecolab's New Gemstar Floorcare System Provides Superior Finish, Time And Labor Savings

ST. PAUL, Minn., February 25, 1998: The Professional Products Division of Ecolab Inc. introduces the GEMSTAR floorcare system, the industry's first to offer a unique, proprietary polymer in three new floor finishes for high-, medium-, and low- or no-frequency maintenance schedules - GEMSTAR PULSAR , GEMSTAR LASER and GEMSTAR GEMINI.

"Our exclusive polymer system is the key to providing durable, long-lasting finishes that save time and labor costs," explains Mike Motherwell, Professional Products, market development manager, St. Paul.

All three AIRKEM brand GEMSTAR formulas have exclusive leveling properties for easy application and recoating. They also provide ASTM-tested slip resistance for a safer working environment, and their low odor formulas minimize irritation of building residents and staff.

GEMSTAR PULSAR is formulated to meet the needs of frequent ultra high- speed/propane burnishing (three to five times a week). Each burnishing helps to build a consistent, exceptional gloss.

"This finish is ideal for retail and supermarket applications and high-image areas," Mike says.

GEMSTAR LASER is a versatile formulation designed for high-speed, medium- frequency maintenance applications (one to three times a week). It also builds an extremely durable finish with a high gloss that increases with each burnishing. Among many potential applications are hospitals, health care facilities, office buildings, airports, schools and universities, public facilities, convention centers, restaurants, lodging and retail.

GEMSTAR GEMINI floor finish produces an excellent initial gloss and is very effective in low- to no-maintenance programs. It can be used on all resilient floors, reducing inventory needs. Applications include schools and universities, motels, restaurants and shops, office buildings and public facilities.

GEMSTAR floorcare finishes are resistant to detergent, scuff and black heel marks, saving floor cleaning labor costs. All three products come in convenient, 2.5-gallon recyclable packaging.

The Professional Products Division develops, manufactures and markets a full line of infection control, sanitizing and cleaning products under the AIRKEM and HUNTINGTON brand names. For more information about the GEMSTAR floorcare system, contact Ecolab Inc., Professional Products Division, 370 Wabasha St., St. Paul, MN 55102,1-800-332-6552.