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Business Model

Ecolab is uniquely positioned to deliver what matters most in our world.

Clean Water, Safe Food, Abundant Energy, Healthy Environments

Industry Leader

We are experts in water, hygiene and energy technologies and services working with customers who are global giants in their fields.

Reducing Infections, Improving Food Safety, Maximizing Yield & Asset Life 

Our offerings are not discretionary but rather critical to our customers’ ability to operate.

We do all this by leveraging enterprise
technology platforms

Antimicrobials, Water Management, Hygiene, 3D Trasar Automation, Solid & Dispensing, Polymers

While we are only a, very small part of our customers’ cost to operate, because we ensure their ability to operate and protect their brand equity, we impact a large part of their P&L.

Specific Customer Application Cost

In every one of the industries we serve, we leverage the same business model.

It's coupling best-in-class technology with world-class service capabilities.

Service & Innovation

Reducing Our Customers' Total Operating Cost

We have a business with very low capital intensity and which is highly consumable. As a result, we've got a quite predictable, highly recurring revenue stream.

We train our customers' people.
We collect operational data giving us a unique view in all of our customers' operations, which we then leverage towards more innovation, more  solutions, better answers, and enduring relationships.

Operating Information

That's how we drive customer and shareholder value.

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